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This blog mostly presents different approaches, methods and practices in software and web development, but also contains some "out of main topic" articles. MOYA (MOleYArd) products are presented here as well.



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How to convert relative URLs to absolute URLs in websites using PHP

You will probably not argue that relative URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are very useful feature of websites, especially as for web creation process. If once some webpage had to move somewhere else (and it usually has to at least from developer’s localhost to production environment), it would be a tedious process to rewrite [...]

Essential Windows commands tips – part 1

I decided to write a series about Windows commands targeted to less skilled users (there will be nothing new for the advanced Windows users, so if you belong to this group, you may skip this article )

This series is not intended to be a complete tutorial, its intent is just [...]

Pepan Durak

Let me introduce MOYA’s new card game Pepan Durak. Pepan Durak is a variant of popular card game. While standard Russian Durak is played with a deck o 36 cards, Pepan Durak is based on variant that is played with 32 cards, which is count typical for German cards. It is a LAN game, it [...]

Inner/Outer XHTML – or how to get truly original source of element in JavaScript?

There are some ways to get the original source of any HTML element in JavaScript. And they work fine in most situations. However, there are situations where these ways are not really sufficient and I especially mean not cross-browser enough.

innerHTML property is probably the most frequently used method, but it [...]

Welcome to my blog!

So, this is the very first page of this blog. Where to begin?

I’ll probably end up with simple wait and see! Useful articles from software world and articles about MOYA’s projects are coming soon.