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Download Facebook albums with OWIDIG Tools

In this article I will present you a way how to download complete Facebook photoalbums or profile photos with OWIDIG tools. Unlike most solutions that provide downloading Facebook albums, with OWIDIG tools you don’t need to install any additional software or browser plug-ins. All you need is your internet browser. Opera, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer are supported.

There is a guide with all the steps how to download photos from Facebook on OWIDIG tools site. First thing you have to do is to open some Facebook album or profile photos. Then you need to paste this text – javascript:’<xmp>’+window.document.body.parentNode.innerHTML+’</xmp>’ – in the address bar in a tab (or a window) where you have that album opened. On some browsers you will have to type javascript: prefix manually because these browsers strip this prefix when you paste the text in the address bar. Some source code text will appear. We may ignore its exact content. Just select and copy all that text and return to OWIDIG tools again.

There is a PASTE HERE input box. Paste copied text there and press Get photos button. Then three buttons will appear. Show small images and Show large images open a new tab or a window with all listed images, either thumbnails from the main album page or full-size photos. You can save them with browser’s Save As (or similar) option. The third button enable more advanced options with the help of Java applet, runnig of which will have to be approved, if you want to use it.

Using this applet you can set path for downloading and more importantly also filename prefix of images. The last option is to create a ZIP file with extracted photos. This option works well in Opera. It also works in Google Chrome, but only for albums with few photos due to Chrome URL length limitations. Setting filename prefix applies for ZIP archives as well.

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