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Grabbing and downloading website images with OWIDIG

OWIDIG is an online image grabber and downloader of website images. I introduced it last month in this article. Since then several more features were added. This article contains detailed review of OWIDIG functionality.

With OWIDIG service you can grab images from any website, view them, filter [...]

OWIDIG image extractor finally here

In the previous post I have written few things about development of OWIDIG – image grabber (or image extractor) and image downloader.

Today I can announce that OWIDIG is finally officially released. Instead of writing some sort of text blog I decided to present the following video:


OWIDIG image extractor development in progress

I am currently working on OWIDIG (Online Webpage Image Downloader and ImageInfo Grabber). You can see its current published state here – OWIDIG. It has “old” inside URL, as I plan to keep this quasi-beta version available online.

So let me introduce you OWIDIG.